The team telling your story:

Chris C. Cox

Operations, Marketing, Graphic & Website Design

I'm a self-taught technology savant. Seldom is a project too arduous or unattainable---with a team like mine. I'm chock-full of wild ideas, I'm a great storyteller, and I've got an eye for good design.


Regan Shorter

An Instagram expert and social media enthusiast. Regan is skilled behind a camera and has an eye for a clean and appealing esthetic. She loves to experiment regularly, sometimes using Chris as her muse, so she keeps us on the cutting edge of photography.

Lindsey Marcus

Social Media Marketing & Graphic Design

I’m an Oklahoma-based social media producer and strategist. I love figuring out the perfect words & images to get people to stop scrolling and start focusing on your content. Whether you're a national chain or a local fave, I'll tell your story like it's never been told before.

Josh Robinson

Photography & Videography

A modern day visual story teller. Not only does Josh have his pilots license, but he is also pretty fly. An expert at documentary work and interview or panel format video.

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