Photography & Videography

Between Two Ferms - Ep. 1, 2, &3

Beer Reviews from the Beer Experts!

When COOP Ale Works approached Out Of This World Marketing to do a series on their unique beers and their taste, “Between Two Ferms” was born. COOP’s team crafted a concept and title, and we had the opportunity to execute their vision. The first three episodes were shot on-site in COOP’s taproom. The set-up was:

  • 1 tripod camera that was stationary for the wide shot

  • 1 tripod camera for tight shots and zooms

  • A 3-part light kit

  • Boom mic

  • Beer, beer, and more beer

Give COOP some love and check out the DNR episode below, featuring Blake & “Blake’s Bitch” aka Will:

The F5 IPA was the first COOP beer I had the opportunity to try. It was probably around 4 years ago at a soft opening for Bricktown Brewery, and I was blown away by how much flavor they could pack into that little can! Enjoy the F5 episode here:

If you’re looking for a great go-to blonde, the Horny Toad happens to be one of Blake and Will’s favorite beers — they even boast it’s the one they drink the most often. Did you know the Horny Toad actually used to be advertised as a cerveza? Check out all the nuggets of info on the Horny Toad here:

So, if you’re down with the local beer scene, hop over to COOP’s YouTube page and hit that subscribe button!

Creating PAWsitivity

What happens when you combine Poké with Dogs?

Our team got to combine efforts with Okie Pokie on their new recurring event: Poké  & Paws. Out Of This World Marketing helped flesh out the entire event concept, lock down logistics, brainstorm custom giveaways, create digital assets and posters, and host a mini photo shoot with some mini dogs. We're huge animal lovers, just ask Lindsey's pug mix, Sugar, on her doggy Instagram!

Okie Pokie is bringing the pup-love to the event with adoptions, thanks to The Underdogs Rescue Foundation.

Poke and Paws On The Patio

Working with models is always a blast. That is, until they decide they are done working with you. So how do you capture the perfect smiling dog shot? BURST MODE, lots of snapping and dog calls, treat bribes, meltdowns, and the occasional chasing down of models gone rogue.

In summation, if you need some creative event ideas or just the execution of your own ideas, our team is here to help. Woof!

The COOP Troupe

Bigger, Better, & Boozier - COOP Lands The Armory

By now you've heard the news, COOP Ale Works is moving to the 23rd Street Armory. It's a huge undertaking in a beautiful space, in the heart of OKC. Out Of This World Marketing is joining up with the good folks at COOP to document the process of creating the largest brewery the state has ever seen.

When we work with such a recognizable brand, it's important we craft a story that really shows the character of the client. COOP, in our eyes, is Oklahoma's craft-beer-pioneer, paving the way for fellow Oklahoma brewers and breaking stigmas that Oklahoma doesn't have good craft beer. Look, I'm a lover not a fighter -- but I'm more than willing to defend the great local beer that's been pouring around the state.

Cheers to COOP on the new space! We're excited to be working on such a large project with you.


Photography by: Regan Shorter