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Trust Factor Radio Starring Chris Cox

Trust Factor Radio with Chris Cox

We take our job here seriously, even if that means having a little fun! Join me, Chris Cox, on Trust Factor Radio with host Neil Howe on “How Restaurants Can Use Customer Generated Content To Drive Sales And Branding.”

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks to the owner of Out Of This World Marketing in Oklahoma City about how restaurants and hospitality businesses can generate traffic and attention using the power of social media and customer generated content. 

Chris helps restaurants and hospitality groups create, maintain, and expand their customer base and sales via digital marketing, social media, videography, and web design. He’s grown Out Of This World Marketing from a part-time side hustle to a full-time, 3-person team.

Listen in for the story about the Picture: Fruit Loops, Gallons of Milk and a Bath Tub!


Creating PAWsitivity

What happens when you combine Poké with Dogs?

Our team got to combine efforts with Okie Pokie on their new recurring event: Poké  & Paws. Out Of This World Marketing helped flesh out the entire event concept, lock down logistics, brainstorm custom giveaways, create digital assets and posters, and host a mini photo shoot with some mini dogs. We're huge animal lovers, just ask Lindsey's pug mix, Sugar, on her doggy Instagram!

Okie Pokie is bringing the pup-love to the event with adoptions, thanks to The Underdogs Rescue Foundation.

Poke and Paws On The Patio

Working with models is always a blast. That is, until they decide they are done working with you. So how do you capture the perfect smiling dog shot? BURST MODE, lots of snapping and dog calls, treat bribes, meltdowns, and the occasional chasing down of models gone rogue.

In summation, if you need some creative event ideas or just the execution of your own ideas, our team is here to help. Woof!