Out Of This World Marketing is a niche Oklahoma marketing firm. We take great joy in sharing in our clients' successes.

Social Media ManagementDigital Advertising, and Content Creation.

We are experts in driving engagement and maintaining your brand online, creating original content for your end users, and planning and executing digital and traditional advertising campaigns up to $100,000. Digital Marketing is our passion and expertise.

Website Design, Graphic Design, and Logo Design.

We've developed dozens of intuitive and clean websites from one-pagers to full blown e-commerce. We've designed menus, stickers, packaging, signage and more. Our logo work visits large front brands and indy bands. Design is in our blood, let's make some art!

Professional Photography, Commercials, and Documentaries

From fun-loving travel videos to full-length documentaries, our. We've got all the cool toys and gear as well as our pilot's license, so our video possibilities are endless. Photography and Videography can tell your story in an entirely new medium. Let us tell your story.

The team telling your story:

Chris C. Cox

Operations, Marketing, Graphic & Website Design

I'm a self-taught technology savant. Seldom is a project too arduous or unattainable---with a team like mine. I'm chock-full of wild ideas, I'm a great storyteller, and I've got an eye for good design.


Regan Shorter

An Instagram expert and social media enthusiast. Regan is skilled behind a camera and has an eye for a clean and appealing esthetic. She loves to experiment regularly, sometimes using Chris as her muse, so she keeps us on the cutting edge of photography.

Lindsey Marcus

Social Media Marketing & Graphic Design

I’m an Oklahoma-based social media producer and strategist. I love figuring out the perfect words & images to get people to stop scrolling and start focusing on your content. Whether you're a national chain or a local fave, I'll tell your story like it's never been told before.

Josh Robinson

Photography & Videography

A modern day visual story teller. Not only does Josh have his pilots license, but he is also pretty fly. An expert at documentary work and interview or panel format video.

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